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About Kevin Gray

About Us

Kevin is an omnipresent personality in the casting industry in South Africa. His energetic and effervescent personality are renown for delivering outstanding results for clients both locally and internationally.

Kevin opened a small casting company in 1992 in Berea and through that agency supplied casts for the Miss World and Miss South Africa beauty pageants from 1992 to 1994. During those years, Kevin realised he wanted to become a renowned casting director and where the passion for the industry was instilled in him. He trained with other casting directors in those formative years and on the 1st of September 2007, he realised his dream and opened Gray’s Casting which has since become one of the leading Casting Houses in the South African market.


Over the years, Kevin has demonstrated a deep understanding of client briefs, and with his unique flair and passion, he has always managed to get the best out of the talent he has supplied. Kevin has an unparalleled creative vision and has always lived by the mantra of “Quality rather than quantity.”, he has a unique eye for talent which gives him the cutting edge as a casting director.

Kevin has never rested on his laurels and continues to find fresh and innovative ways to approach the casting process. Combining this with his years of experience means he is always delivering a product to his clients that guarantee a talented and robust foundation for their end product.

About Gray’s

Gray’s Casting Directors was founded on the 1st of September 2007 and is located in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, Gauteng. It is a full-service casting company covering all mediums, from music videos to series to long-form. It specialises in the casting of commercials for the local South African market and the broader international markets.

When it comes to international projects, Gray’s Casting Directors is an integral partner alongside local service companies that collaborate with the global team to finalise and produce the end product for their clients. Gray’s Casting Directors has a unique understanding of working with international clients and is proud to forge strong working relationships with directors and producers offshore creating the opportunity for those clients to obtain the best South African talent has to offer.

Since its establishment in 2007, Gray’s Casting Directors have cast over 1,560 commercials and auditioned more than 250,000 performers, always seeking to provide the perfect fit for the brief on hand.


The company offers a full suite of casting options, from in-studio casting to street casting, and the facilities to provide complete online casting solutions for clients via Zoom, Skype and other online platforms. 

The company caters for full call-back castings with clients, thus attending these call-backs to view the selected and recommended talent on offer. Gray’s Casting Directors also offers a professional self-tape facility for artists wishing to have their auditions recorded in a fully fitted studio environment.

Gray’s Casting Directors stands for delivery of world-class casting services in a professional, timely and cost-efficient manner whilst maintaining the ethos of the industry as a whole and managing the needs of all parties concerned throughout the entire process. Gray’s Casting Directors has built powerful working relationships with the various artist agencies over the years and has access to South Africa’s leading talent.

Gray’s Casting Directors certainly delivers on their unique selling point of being “Quick, Efficient, Concise and In the Know!”

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